#MusicMondays: Eone6 & NinthDelta mix for Kool Kids Klub

Resident DJs at one of the best events in Essex, Eone6 & NinthDelta have been hyping up dancefloors for quite some years, and off the back of being absolute sublime selecta's they've built up quite the following. and for very good reason too. 

Their sets offer the full journey into House, UK Garage swerving into Techno, Grime and Dubstep. Basically if you want a party these two will provide an infinite amount of pure, unadulterated vibes. 

They've just put together an incredible example of their skills and kindly allowed free downloads, I recommend downloading this for your commute/gym session/tidy up time around the house - I'm on the double digits of listen already and am still loving it, it's a mix that just keeps giving!!

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Twitters: Eone6 / NinthDelta



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