#MusicMondays: The Bug ft. Flowdan & Killa P - Skeng

You may call me biased but I loved this track before knowing Flowdan and Killa P let alone working with them - this was one of my favourite tracks of that year, 2007, in fact, I'm pretty sure it was doing the rounds before that - and this was definitely one of those crowning moments for me, it drew me into the subbass realms of Dubstep even further, I was a newbie around 2006/07 and this along with a couple of Kiss 100 sets I still have ripped to CD from Hatcha and Crazy D well and truly solidified my new found addiction.

By the way, if you're listening to this through laptop speakers, don't. That's silly. You need bass. 

Life is nuts. I loved this track, years later I'm working with Killa P, and now I'm Flowdan's manager. Plus I was at the location of this video shoot a couple of weeks ago. If someone had have told me this would have been happening back then when I still had a sub in my Navy Peugeot 206 I would definitely have not believed them. crazy fool.



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