Ever feel lonely even though you're surrounded by people?

Ever feel lonely even though you're surrounded by people? 

It seems that on fairly regular occasions I go through what I call a 'transition' stage, that is, a time in life where things, people, situations and circumstances seem to drop away from my life, seemingly all around the same time as if I'm shedding a skin. Then follows a period of feeling slightly lost, not knowing what the next phase will bring, some down days, some up. 

When I was younger and new to this process it was certainly more turbulent, less comfortable, more scary. Yet as I grow older and experience it again it definitely begins to feel more comfortable because well, now I know, it always works out well in the end.

It's sad to say goodbye to things and people which were once your life. I've also learned that mostly, you're saying goodbye to the old you, the person you sometimes still try desperately to relate to, the character who really, no longer exists. To hold onto that would be like attempting to remain in nursery school when you're 30 years old, you'll stunt yourself.

I guess this is the path I've chosen because I yearn to learn and progress and improve as much as I can, that's what keeps me going, the fresh experiences that come with growth.

That's the thing with growth though, it's not a steady rate for everyone, some people zoom off, others fall back and it's ultimately your choice whether you plateau in the current 'comfort zone' state you're experiencing by clinging to everything and everyone and hoping they remain the same with you or, you go out onto the open road being comfortable with the uncomfortable meeting new people and seeing new sights, sometimes with others, and sometimes on your own. 

I can only speak from my own experience. I'm not preaching and certainly not suggesting everything I say is true for everyone, these are just my observations and thoughts. Enjoy the words x 



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