Day dreamers: The Power of Choice

It saddens me sometimes to the point of tears to know so many people who live a life of limitations when they don't have to. If only they were to realise that they are in control. Not their past, not their present, not their lack of money, not their upbringing, not their current lack of knowledge, not their current position. Just their self belief.

When I'm in the presence of someone who gets that 'penny drop' moment, that epiphany.. that understanding that helps them realise, that Butterfly-out-of-a-Chrysalis moment when they finally
realise this... wow.
When they realise that they have the choice to transcend the limitations held only in their mind and finally come to the realisation that there are no boundaries, just those they impose on themselves.. that, that is one of the most special moments I have ever witnessed.



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