My Ayahuasca Journey: 3 days to go!

It's here! The week of our journey to the unknown. My feelings are pretty jumpy right now, between completely calm and utterly anxious. I know by next Monday I will have a different view on life, I guess the anxiety is stemming from the unknown, the fact that I'll be stripped of some habits which have become comfortable over the last 28 years.

After doing some searching (let's face it my ego has the need to be somewhat prepared for this experience) I came across this blog, The Secret Shade where the writer describes his life after his Ayahuasca experience.
"Somehow drinking ayahuasca seems to cultivate in the user a greater affinity with nature and a deeper appreciation of our biological identity. As a result we feel both more ‘human’, and more embedded in nature. We become more aware that we are an expression of nature and evolution. The sense of separation from our natural origins dissolves and the natural world is re-experienced as home, sacred, of great importance, and essential to preserve. A distaste for overexposure to technology and hectic urban environments may also develop.  
A related extension to this is awakening to a desire to consume more natural food and drink, and to eliminate unnatural products from the diet. I know many people who have transitioned to a vegetarian or raw food diet as a result of drinking ayahuasca. In addition, the preference for consuming alcohol and other drugs is often diminished or disappears. There is a greater perception of the body and mind of the individual as being something to be looked after and nourished. 
Ayahuasca may provide the individual with a greater sense of meaning to their life, as though what once may have seemed senseless can now be seen to be part of a teleological path or life-long journey. Often the path involves goals such as healing oneself and relationships, or finding a way to live that has more meaning and makes a positive contribution to the world, or is a positive expression of the individual. Basically, it can turn you into a bit of a hippie."

Thanks to Secret Shade - reading this has somewhat confirmed my thoughts, but yet I know it's imperative to go into this experience with no expectations. I'd better get meditating.



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