Life Begins Outside of your Comfort Zone

An author named 'Neale Donald Walsch' said this... and it rings true in so many ways with me. We too easily become comfortable with our current circumstance, with the safety of our regular routines, work, social, TV, friend groups etc. I enjoy trying new things, I enjoy experiencing the new feelings straying from this safety net - I'm not saying comfort is not something that can benefit us, it's definitely in the comfort of these routines we find sanctuary, a safe place to find ourselves, to analyse our findings from the previous stage of our life but if we stay there, stay put in this somewhat mundane life it can bring, I believe this can be detrimental to life. Real life. Progress, growth and new, exciting times, times which encourage us to learn even more about ourselves.

I'm not saying I'm on a constant roller coaster, but I'm sure as hell working towards jumping on that ride.


  1. And so it should. The world had so much to offer you just have to go out there and make it so. I like the quote DO MORE NEW! XX


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