Friends... and life

I'm 28 now, with a job and responsibilities just like most 28 year olds, and something has become more and more apparent over the years, that life continues to happen, every day we have a new lesson, a new role, a new responsibility to add to our plate that continues to overspill into our social life, and our downtime and because of this we gradually have less and less time for those around us who mean the most. 

I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing friends, new ones and old ones, ones with similar interests, ones who are inspirational, ones who are there for me no matter what and some who tick all of those boxes. Yet with 'life' happening, the gaps between seeing some of these incredible people seem to get longer and longer, and I'd love to say this is through no fault of ours, that it's just 'the way life is' but I feel I'd be doing myself a disservice by spouting such rubbish. Like any relationship, friendship takes work sometimes, a little effort to travel or to spend time with people who you genuinely love. Every time I meet up with friends I rarely see it's like we've never been apart, it's that comfortable feeling you get, the one which reminds you why you are friends in the first place. 

Spending time with people whose energy resonates with you, who you feel improve you and who you just genuinely enjoy having a giggle with is such a wonderful thing. 

As I get older I am becoming more choosey with who I spend time with, my time is important just as everyone else's is so I'm learning to place it more wisely within uplifting situations and company, and boy am I lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful people. I realise that now, more and more each day and am enjoying making just that little bit of effort to spend time positively with people I love. 

Time to us, is more important that money - so why do we budget our money so well yet flippantly waste our time? 


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