UKBassMusic is back online

Some years ago, Lara and I spent months (+ the rest) setting up - it was an all-singing, all-dancing interactive magazine with interviews, reviews, event listings, videos, mixes and so much more relating to the scene(s) we love within Electronic Music. 

We ran it, successfully for over a year, providing amazing content for our readers from a dedicated team of writers and it naturally grew in popularity and respect by the day. Unfortunately we had to bed the site due to some technical issues and it laid dormant for around 3 years until we could work out how we could manage such a workload in a productive way ensuring to not skimp on quality of content. 

Well, it's back. It's in it's infancy at the moment, so come and join us for the ride. 

We've uploaded all the UKBMixes here - which I'm currently listening through and reminding myself of. Some bangers in there. 



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