I want my own Radio show - Ministry of Sound Radio

I'm personally not a supporter of 'New Year Resolutions' as such as I don't need a date on a calendar to set new goals for myself, however, for some time it's been in the back of mind for some time that I'd like a radio show of my own, somewhere to showcase the music I love, waffle about the topics that are important to me and have general hashtag banter.

This got me reflecting on a time when I had a show on Ministry of Sound radio, representing the booking agency I ran at the time, Acute Promotions, and as nervewracking as it was I absolutely loved it.

I decided to upload on of those shows to Soundcloud for anyone that fancies a listen, so here it is; this show featured a guest mix from Soap Dodgers, a duo I managed for some time, helping them gain traction in their career, it was a great time full of experiences, lessons and successes.




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