Unicorn hair (I hope!)

Today I called around a few different hair salons, one being BleachLondon, you know, the one everyone's hyping about at the moment with all the pastel hair and that? I need my roots bleached and I'd like an all over blue/lilac colour (even if it does only last 2-10 washes.
Anyway...  I called 3 times as I kept forgetting to ask certain things, out of interest each time I asked the price too.
1st call = £90 for roots, £65 for colour.
2nd call = £90 for roots, £35 for colour
Ok, so after 2nd call I was seriously considering it.. 90 for roots is astronomical but they're meant to be really good so I was debating. So I called back to book an appointment
3rd call = £170 for roots, £65 for colour
Are you kidding me?? I understand you may be paying a premium for central London salons and perhaps for experience but they told me 3 diff prices..!
So I called a local salon and booked my roots in for £34 (jheez what a diff) and I'm going to go in with the colour myself (these same brand dyes are £5 in Boots or 3 for 2 atm)
Wish me luck. If I don't post a pic it's cos it definitely come out wrong. Worth a try!



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