Hey Hello & Welcome

It's been a while Blogger! I'm afraid I jumped ship over to the image based blog service, Tumblr some time ago when I was under the impression that I 'didn't have enough' time to write anymore! Well, today I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on my good friend Peachy's life experiences through her Blogger and she has inspired me to jot down my random thoughts too!

You can check this beautiful girl's writings here: http://www.therandomnessofunicorns.blogspot.co.uk/

I'll be writing what I'm thinking which usually consists of music-related fun, psychology, random babblings about Synchronicity, being grateful and pointless comments. It's what this is for right?

Catch you soon, remember to sparkle! x


  1. This. Is going to be awesome!

    Thank you for always making the Sun shine <3



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