Hasta Luego Peru!

Having been on my Bucket list for several years I'm finally on my way to visit the beautiful country of Peru.

As I write this I am 35,000 feet in the air above somewhere in France en route to our stop over in Madrid and surprisingly, I'm pretty chilled considering this recent onset of flying fear in my later years so I'm doing pretty well.

The mystical ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu was the reason the destination first appealed to me all those years ago, there's something that seems so magical about that place, (plus Llamas, who wouldn't want to meet those?) and since then the appeal has developed more depth. 

Ross and I will be stopping at Lima briefly before flying to Iquitos, a city located in the North East of Peru and within the Amazon rainforest (which you can still not reach by road!). More recently, Iquitos has been named the 'Ayahuasca Capital of the World' so on top of visiting La Isla De Mono (Monkey Island) we will be participating as 'passeneros' in a few ceremonies with a Shaman. 

And that's just the start!

Today I have learned that the 'Just do it' attitude really works with conquering a fear of flying and also there is a place in France called 'Brest'



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