2 Nights in Lima... Rainforest incoming

We've now been here 2 nights, arriving late Friday night and are already saying goodbye to our first Airbnb apartment, £40 per night for a huge place in an incredibly interesting neighbourhood named  Lince.

It's difficult to explain the culture at first glance, as whilst having some similarities to London (obviously as it is a capital City) there are also vast differences. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, nor that my upcoming experiences won't change my initial point of view, we've been here 48 hours and are in holiday mode, both conditions make it unfair to expect a full rounded view so I'll say this; Lima is SUCH A VIBRANT PLACE!

There is lots of poverty in Lince, it's everywhere you look and at first thought you'd think that is a bad thing, yet I am maybe seeing this from innocent/ignorant eyes but it seems to have brought people together (?) it's Summer here so I'm sure that helps but everywhere you look there is a group of people young or old socialising, laughing, playing, sharing with each other and generally enjoying life. I'm not disregarding what I've mentioned above, I'm a newbie, this could all be face value but so far it doesn't feel that way, it feels...nice. 

No one speaks English here so that has been interesting and kinda fun! My grasp of the Spanish language is coming along well and if we hit communication stalemate with a native we just shrug and look cute and it's got us out of some awkward situations so far. 

Oh and ceviche is amazing! I never thought I'd say I enjoyed a dish which involves raw fish but my god it's good! And so cheap too, £3 for 2 meals plus soft drinks.

Also, we are consistently stared at (blonde hair, bright red skin thanks to 34 degrees yesterday so, obviously foreign) and people keep shouting 'Gringo' at us in attempt to have us buy something from them, still can't work out if that's an offensive term or not.

Now we're off to Iquitos in the Amazon rainforest, no internet for a week... Vamos!  

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