The greatest speech ever made. RELEVANT

The first time I heard/watched this speech which is a piece from a film named 'The Dictator', acted by Charlie Chaplin, I cried. That kind of overwhelmed with hope kind of crying, the kind of crying which, for just one second, reminds you of your natural human oneness, your true potential. 

That kind of hope that gets chipped away by doubt and distraction and routine each day, that kind of hope that is replaced by the false belief that there is nothing we can do to improve this current situation in the world. I'm not saying I live in poverty and I'm not ungrateful enough to realise that I am in an incredible fortunate position sat here with my electricity and warmth and clean water but, do you ever just think, things really should be easier than this? 

This speech is beautiful, Moving. I hope it evokes a sense of what I feel each time I watch it, cos it makes me feel alive and when I feel alive I feel unstoppable.x



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