Friends... and life pt 2.

Following on from my post a few days back where I described the effort sometimes necessary to keep friendships and relationships alive, I've also been thinking on the other side too (let's face it, everything has a balance), about how sometimes we may feel as through it's 'necessary' to hold onto relationships just because we've known the person for years or we feel we owe something to them or for whatever reason. Surely if a relationship is imbalanced, if it is not filling you with joy or another positive emotion when you think of them most of the time, perhaps it's time to re-look at where you're spending your time. 

In the past I have had a somewhat cold ability to cut people out of my life with no emotional affect on myself, now I've learned that isn't perhaps the best way of dealing with things and can definitely be very mean! But finding somewhere between that and 'caring too much' I'd say is a pretty perfect viewpoint. 

Just a thought I was having earlier.. sometimes you need to let out of your life that which no longer serves you to allow time and space in your life for progress. 



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