Is reality a simulation?

Jim Carrey has been all over social media news recently but this time not for his acting, in fact, quite the opposite. It's his lack of 'acting' or rather his shedding of character (ego) that has hit the timelines where he has been sharing his 'existential discoveries' in places that perhaps in the most opposing settings for such deep disclosures.
New York Fashion week was the scene he decided to let it all out, throwing out philosophical views and physics theories to explain subtly his understandings of reality toward an unexpecting presenter who didn't know where to look whilst Jim educated (or scared) her considerably. 

On a scale of 1 to 3000, with 3000 being ultimate understanding I'd say I'm at about a 2320 when it come to Jim's explanations. 
Coincidentally* a few weeks prior to this occurrence I came across an online doc named, 'Is Reality a Simulation' by Quantum Gravity Research group (highly recommend). Within this fascinating do…

Importance of human connection

Each day we connect with others, a brief smile, a glance, a full-blown conversation and everything in between; each of these moments are incredibly important to our life-experience and often overlooked. 
Human connection is magical. 
Human energy exchange through any of the senses can and does so often reflect to us the parts of us we love, or not. Every single person and every individual situation is a reflection of who we are at that current second... either use it as a mirror, disconnect and allow it to be the tool it is meant to be, a growth awareness reflection.. or, subscribe to the emotion it drums up in us, be a victim, either to the 'negative' or the 'positive'. You choose. You ALWAYS choose.

Copenhagen in Oct - looking for recommendations

In October we're off to the Dane's capital of Copenhagen for a short break based around the Sigur Ros concert at Forum (excited!) so if anyone has any recommendations of food, drink, activities, shopping (clothes/records) please fling them my way!

UKBassMusic is back online

Some years ago, Lara and I spent months (+ the rest) setting up - it was an all-singing, all-dancing interactive magazine with interviews, reviews, event listings, videos, mixes and so much more relating to the scene(s) we love within Electronic Music. 
We ran it, successfully for over a year, providing amazing content for our readers from a dedicated team of writers and it naturally grew in popularity and respect by the day. Unfortunately we had to bed the site due to some technical issues and it laid dormant for around 3 years until we could work out how we could manage such a workload in a productive way ensuring to not skimp on quality of content. 
Well, it's back. It's in it's infancy at the moment, so come and join us for the ride. 
We've uploaded all the UKBMixes here - which I'm currently listening through and reminding myself of. Some bangers in there. 

I'm a Junglist

That first sight of the Amazon (Jungle & River) from the plane was such an intensely overwhelming moment. Even now I'm still in disbelief that we're actually here, it feels like a dream! I definitely maybe did a little cry when we saw the beautifully green rainforest from a distance.
We had been told by the retreat that a taxi would collect us from Iquitos airport, and under no circumstance to get into any other unauthorised taxi so we found the guy holding the card with our names on and he led the way to the 'taxi'.
Now, this was a clear indicator of just how conditioned my mind is to certain 'luxuries' in life because can you imagine the look on our faces when this was our taxi?

What an adventure!
After dropping our stuff off we had a little tour of Iquitos with one of the 'tour guides' who honed in on us whilst we were admiring the Amazon close up (we learned this was a perfect place for them to pick up wandering Gringos) walking through a marke…

2 Nights in Lima... Rainforest incoming

We've now been here 2 nights, arriving late Friday night and are already saying goodbye to our first Airbnb apartment, £40 per night for a huge place in an incredibly interesting neighbourhood named  Lince.
It's difficult to explain the culture at first glance, as whilst having some similarities to London (obviously as it is a capital City) there are also vast differences. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, nor that my upcoming experiences won't change my initial point of view, we've been here 48 hours and are in holiday mode, both conditions make it unfair to expect a full rounded view so I'll say this; Lima is SUCH A VIBRANT PLACE!

There is lots of poverty in Lince, it's everywhere you look and at first thought you'd think that is a bad thing, yet I am maybe seeing this from innocent/ignorant eyes but it seems to have brought people together (?) it's Summer here so I'm sure that helps but everywhere you look there is a group of people yo…

Hasta Luego Peru!

Having been on my Bucket list for several years I'm finally on my way to visit the beautiful country of Peru.

As I write this I am 35,000 feet in the air above somewhere in France en route to our stop over in Madrid and surprisingly, I'm pretty chilled considering this recent onset of flying fear in my later years so I'm doing pretty well.

The mystical ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu was the reason the destination first appealed to me all those years ago, there's something that seems so magical about that place, (plus Llamas, who wouldn't want to meet those?) and since then the appeal has developed more depth. 
Ross and I will be stopping at Lima briefly before flying to Iquitos, a city located in the North East of Peru and within the Amazon rainforest (which you can still not reach by road!). More recently, Iquitos has been named the 'Ayahuasca Capital of the World' so on top of visiting La Isla De Mono (Monkey Island) we will be participating as '…